Benefit from world-class expertise while swimming with whale sharks

Research expeditions

From 2023 onwards, we will start running our own bespoke trips, where we will provide unique expertise and insights into our daily work. Join us for a week of dedicated research trips with project founder Stella Diamant, learn more about whale shark science and conservation, while staying in a beautiful villa and contributing to the project.

Limited places and small groups only.

Contact us directly to start planning your trip!

Organised trips

With Aqua-Firma

12th-19th October 2023

Like every year, we run private week-long trip with travel company Aqua-Firma, who has been supporting us financially since the project started. These are group trips based on Sakatia Island and offer a variety of ocean and land based activities, with Stella from the MWSP and Ralph Pannel from Aqua-Firma.

Freediving X Science

With Freedive Nosy Be

30th September-7th October 2023

For the first time this year, we will run our new Freediving x Science trips, in partnership with local freediving school Freedive Nosy Be. During this week, you will freedive every morning (exploration or line training) with Freedive Nosy Be’s instructor Guillaume Bonnaud then join project founder Stella at sea as we carry out our scientific work.

You can also pass your SSI freediving certifications, and will receive unique insights into data collection and processing.

Limited places and one week only!

Contact us for more information.