What we do

The Madagascar Whale Shark Project (MWSP) is a collaborative research and conservation project that was created in 2016, and the only long-term project dedicated to whale shark research and conservation in Madagascar. As a registered foundation, we focus on three key aspects.


Our main scientific objective is to establish the occurrence, residency and population structure of whale sharks off Nosy Be through photo-identification.
We also investigate whale shark movements and feeding ecology, collaborating with partners across the world.


We have implemented a code of conduct since 2017 that is now official Malagasy Law. We also actively support the development of effective legal protection for whale sharks, as well as local management initiatives, through training and empowerment of local operators.


Community engagement is a key tenet of our work, and we currently work with various schools in Nosy Be through our education programme. We also organise events and promote access to the ocean for local communities.

Operator Training

Following Madagascar’s new law n°33626/2023 governing interactions with marine megafauna and the regulation of marine tourism, we are launching a new operator training course over multiple days.
A new format is being proposed for 2024! Please note this is aimed at professionals readily offering whale shark trips.


Code of Conduct

We work with local tourism operators directly to share our knowledge and empower local actors of the tourism industry.

From 2023 onwards, following the code of conduct is now compulsory for all operators following the update of the existing inter-ministerial decree regulating interactions with marine megafauna.

Swim with whale sharks

A search engine that supports our work

You can now support the Project on Lilo.org , the French search engine that transforms each search into a drop of water for solidarity, which is matched by funding.

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