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Each year, from September to December, we offer opportunities to join us and collect data on whale sharks.

Onboard partner operators Baleines Rand’eau and Safari Baleine, you will join tourists at sea and collect data (photo-ID, sex, size, scars, behaviour) using a tablet while working as a pair with another volunteer. You will then enter your collected data in our database, and directly visualise your contribution through close supervision with our field team.We provide a three-day training session (freediving, data collection on whale sharks at sea, data entry) to equip you with all the required skills necessary to contribute to data collection on whale sharks for the rest of your stay.


Applications for 2024 are now open!

To apply please contact us on this email:



No need to be a marine biologist. But make sure you check our requirements below before you apply 🤗 Please note this a multistep process with an initial questionnaire, screening process and interview.


2017, 2018
I was lucky enough to participate 2 years in a row, 2 weeks each time, in the whale shark census campaign for the Madagascar Whale Shark Project, led by Stella Diamant. I enjoyed everything about this wonderful experience! When you see this magnificent fish, so impressive and so majestic at the same time, whether it is the first or the hundredth, the same emotion overwhelms you! It is a crazy experience! Humanly speaking, I also had the chance to meet incredible people, invested, warm, generous ... in short, I can't wait to go back very soon!
I was lucky enough to take part in the photo identification mission of the Madagascar Whale Shark Project. Apart from the human encounters, swimming with these giants of the sea remains a marvel. Moments filled with emotions, when we have the chance to observe the whale sharks in feeding position, when there are several of them or even when they come to the boat. If I had to do it again? .... Where do I sign?
Meeting a whale shark for the first time is incredible. To have the chance to experience this almost every day for the duration of the volunteer stay, surrounded by a team as friendly as they are professional, in an absolutely idyllic setting, is unforgettable ❤
The mesh you've knitted between the various stakeholders is precious, so preserve it! Don't give up, stick together. Thank you to each and every one of you for your contribution to the unforgettable slice of life you've given me!
After a few days of acclimatization, the magic happened. The project attracts passionate, quality people, which makes for some very nice encounters. The discovery of the region was there for the taking, as were the encounters with the animals. The Senga and Baleines Rand'eau teams are endearing, and we were able to fit in despite the speed of the end of the season... A real success story :)
Thank you to the whole team for allowing me to live this unforgettable experience! Bravo for all the energy you've put into this fight, it's incredible, and it gives us all hope for this planet.

Join us next year

What you need to know before applying

Set dates from September to December 2024
Who is this for?
Anybody who speaks fluent French and can swim. French is essential to interact with the team and the communities
You can pick, the island of Nosy Be or Nosy Komba
Who with?
You will be part of a group of 4 volunteers
How long?
A set schedule of 18 days between September and December, with a day off per week
What's in it for me?
Join an impactful project in the field and learn to collect data on whale sharks in an amazing place!