Raising awareness among communities

Protect what you love

Nosy Be's first environmental education programme!

Thanks to funding from both Vocatio and the Clear Reef Social Fund, we have been able to recruit and train Bruno Hélio Benjara, a local instructor based in Nosy Be.

The aim of the education programme is to generate awareness about both whale sharks and other marine megafauna species in order to ensure their long-term survival. Our programme has been a great success so far!

Thanks to all our generous contributors who helped us through our crowdfunding campaign in December 2018, we are now able – together with local NGO MADA Megafauna – to extend the programme for another two years in more schools across Nosy Be! Thank you so much.

We also are raising awareness amongst local tourism operators, guides and skippers through workshops and training sessions through the season.

Each Monday, we give public talks about our work, to also educate passing tourists about whale sharks and what we do.

The Guardians of the Oceans in action

Say no to plastic!

Empowering the next generation

School programs
We work with 4 different schools in Nosy Be and 2 local NGO, covering 20 different subjects from marine pollution to whale shark science
Beach activities
Each Saturday, Bruno leads an ocean-themed activity in front of the office, everyone is welcome !
Community outreach
Thanks to our successful crowdfunding campaign, Bruno is now touring the nearby villages with his mobile classroom to raise awareness about marine megafauna