Environmental education

Raising awareness among communities

Protect what you love, love what you know

Nosy Be's first environmental education programme!

Initiated in 2013 with the organisation of the first “whale festival”, Mada Megafauna, our partner local NGO, and the Madagascar Whale shark Project, took the programme a step further in 2018 with the recruitment of its first full-time educator. Thanks to MMF (Marine Megafauna Foundation) support to replicate its local program in Mozambique, the education programme called: Les gardiens de l’Océan (Guardians of the Ocean) is now running a school programme, street activities during the school holidays and beach activities every Saturday morning, to raise awareness within the local community.
From pre-schoolers to young adults, almost 5,000 young people have benefited from these activities since 2018. Every year, many local residents of all ages are also taken out to sea to discover the exceptional marine fauna.

Today, the education project involves a full-time youth educator and a second educator in training. For 2024, the key challenges are to ensure the continuity of the school programme and to launch school projects such as waste management and tree planting. We also intend to organise more “marine life discovery” trips and initiate a project for young reporters to explore the environmental issues at stake on Nosy Be.

In parallel, we also organise; at the begin of the season, training workshops about the code of conduct amongst local tourism operators, guides and skippers working at sea. In July 2023, we trained more than a hundred sea professionals.

Every month, we give public talks about our work, to also educate passing tourists about whale sharks and what we do.

To ensure the sustainability of the program for many more years, help us directly on our page Uningo.

Thank you in advance for your support!

The Guardians of the Oceans in action

Meet Diane

Empowering the next generation

School programs
We work with 4 different schools in Nosy Be and 2 local NGOs, covering 30 different subjects from marine pollution to whale shark science
Beach activities
Each Saturday, Diane leads an ocean-themed activity next to Tamarin on the Madirokely beach, everyone is welcome ! Come meet our sea Guardians.
Community outreach
Thanks to our successful crowdfunding campaign, Diane is now touring the nearby villages with her mobile classroom to raise awareness about marine megafauna during school holidays.
Young reporters
This new project will accompany young actors who want to speak up about local environmental issues