Code of Conduct Training sessions

September 18, 2017

Following the first meeting on July 1st 2017 held by our Partner Mada Megafauna, about the need to implement a code of conduct to monitor whale shark interactions, the Madagascar Whale Shark Project and its partners, together with the Regional Tourism Office in Nosy Be, is pleased to invite local operators, tourists and communities to the following training sessions, starting from today :

-Monday 18th September from 15h30 to 16h45 at Espace Baoab, Ambatoloaka,

-Tuesday 19th September from 17h00 to 18h15, at Espace Baobab, Ambatoloaka

-Wednesday 20th September from 17h00 to 18h15, at Fanja’s, Ampangorina, Nosy Komba,

Additional sessions in both Madirokely and Nosy Sakatia TBC.

These events will be followed by a discussion and snacks.

The Code of Conduct will then be officially launched by Mr the Prefect with a conference about whale sharks with Mr the Maire, Mr the Director of the PMF and Mr the Director of the CNRO (Centre National de Recherches Océanographiques). This event will take place on Saturday September 30th at 15h00 at the business centre, Hell-Ville.

We hereby invite all operators and dive centres to participate to one of the training sessions with its team members, as well as the official conference, with the aim to adopt a mutual respectful behaviour while out at sea ! The Code of Conduct has been developed with scientists and has been discussed and agreed upon with attending operators at the first meeting back in July.

Stella Diamant, scientist and leader of the Madagascar Whale Shark Project, will be holding all training sessions and conferences. Présentations will be given in French and a Malagasy translator will facilitate exchanges.

To sign up :

ORTNB, Hell-Ville,

Bureau de l’association MADA Megafauna, Hotel Senga, Madirokely,

Espace Baobab, association Miaraka, Ambatoloaka,

Safari Baleine, Nosy Komba,

Sakatia Lodge, Nosy Sakatia

By phone on 032 26 527 64

Par mail :