Launching our crowdfunding campaign !

December 22, 2018

Today’s the day! After many years in Madagascar and a lot of hard work this year, I am happy to unveil “The Guardians of the Ocean”, our crowdfunding campaign aiming to fund the Madagascar Whale Shark Project’s education program over the following years in order to raise awareness about marine megafauna. Thanks to seed funding this year I could recruit and train Bruno, and initiate the program amongst two schools. To ensure the program’s success, our efforts have to last, hence why we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to keep Bruno year round and initiate other projects.

Please check out our project and share it with your network. We have 29 days to collect 5000 Euros to continue the project for a year, 12 000 Euros for two, 22 000 Euros for three… And why not more! A big thank you in advance for your help.